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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018


15+ years creating video games on consoles and PC

Hi, my name is Frederic Villain I am a senior game developer. When I was a kid I was crazy about video games, arcade or anything computer related. I started programming around the age of 11, and I've been lucky enough to build a professional career making games.


Creating Games

There are many aspects to making video games, the most exciting for me is the ability to just create something unique. I enjoy this complex process where the work of very different people with sometimes very different ideas comes together to create a unique piece. It is also by collaborating with those very different people that I have learned the most.


From a technical point of view I enjoy challenging game concepts and pushing the limits of what can be done. I have worked mostly on 'realistic' games and it's always a challenge to stay believable. I spent a lot of time working on low level systems on various machines and as time goes I have been working more and more on higher level systems, more closely related to Gameplay and AI. I believe I have worked on pretty much every engineering field possible in game development. And I am glad to see that some of those higher level fields have great potentials for the future (AI, Locomotion, Animation, Controls, etc...)


Consulting and personal projects

I have recently made the move to work as a consultant, mostly to be able to work on different projects with different teams, and also to find time for some personal projects (visit for more details). With the multiplication of the platforms (mobile, consoles, web, smart TVs, etc...), the multiplication of the development tools and middlewares and the explosion of the Indie community, it is now a very exciting time for the industry and for creating games in general.


Anything else than programming?

Originally I thought I would enter the video game industry as a graphic artist as I have always enjoyed drawing and creating 3d models. But finally I stuck to programming, and when I am not working I enjoy playing music and taking pictures.