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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

Inspired by the film by Warner Bros., and based on the graphic novels by DC Comics and Vertigo Hellblazer, Constantine is an intense horror game that literally takes you to Hell and back. You play as John Constantine, an irreverent mystic detective who must embark on an investigation in a supernatural world that exists just beneath Los Angeles. To survive, you must use an array of powerful incantations and holy artifacts, including the crucifier, holy shotgun, and flamethrower. Your "true sight" ability helps you identify demons and other secrets.


Bits Studios
Action Adventure
In House 'TWED' Engine

Contribution to the project:
This is the last project I worked on at Bits Studios. I was the Lead Software Engineer on the project for a little over 2 years. My main task was to handle the technical management of the engineering teams on all the platforms.

Constantine was built with the in-house TWED Engine used on our previous projects "Rogue Ops." and "Die Hard: Vendetta". Because I was responsible for the development of this technology and because I had created many of its systems, my main focus was on the support of the teams with the various aspects of the Engine and Editor, from low level systems and tools, to high level Gameplay and AI.

Game Trailer: