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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

Rocked from normality by an explosion that claimed her daughter and husband, ex-Green Beret Nikki Conners exploits her military training and her new role as leading lady in a covert government agency to further her personal quest for vengeance. After receiving two years of grueling instruction, she is unleashed upon Omega 19, a terrorist organization recognized as the most ominous in the world. With a host of engaging missions, Rogue Ops tests your ability as Nikki to survive in any situation as you work with team members and fights enemies throughout intense gameplay!


Bits Studios
Action Adventure
In House 'TWED' Engine

Contribution to the project:
This was a very ambitious project that started on Nintendo 64 then moved on to next gen consoles.
During this project I was the Lead Software Engineer and besides managing the engineering team, my work was basically split in 2 parts:
The first part was the development of an in-house Game Engine and Editor called TWED, written in C and C++. This engine was later used on all the projects of the studio. I started to create this multiplatform engine with another engineer (Nathanael Presson) and in the following years more engineers joined in. This was a very big endeavour and I created or contributed to most of the systems (3D Rendering pipeline on various consoles, Audio pipeline, high level AI and Gameplay frameworks, Camera, Navigation, High level Animation system, Editor and Tool Chain, etc...)
The second part of my work was focused on developing the game specific features themselves. I believe I pretty much contributed to all the aspects of the game, with a main focus on everything related to the player: controls, camera, animation, behavior. Other significant contributions were on the AI systems, a Cinematic Hand to Hand combat system and many gameplay interactions, as well as the UI and Frontend.
This was a very difficult project, rebooted several times, and with the efforts of everyone in the team, I was very proud when it finally came out.

Game Trailer: