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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

The Blubs, an extraterrestrial family (father and mother Blub, their son and daughter, the grandparents and the pet Stinkie), crash with their spaceship on a landfill on Earth after being pursued by the villainous Khan and his criminal associates. After surviving the crash, the Blub family goes on to live on the landfill, while trying to repair their damaged spaceship in order to return home. The player is set out on a mission by grandfather Blub, an inventor and the spaceship's technician, to find the missing parts needed to reconstruct the spaceship. Meanwhile Khan, whose ship also crashed on the landfill after the pursuit of the Blub family, sends out his minions to frustrate the efforts of the Blubs.


Haiku Studios
Action Adventure
In House Engine

Contribution to the project:
This was my first project as a game developer. I was just graduating from the university when I got the opportunity to work on the port of the PC version of this game (which was still in production) to the PlayStation, a machine which was not even released yet. It was really a dream come true for a beginner developer.
I was the Lead (and only) Software Engineer of the PlayStation version for almost 2 years. This was a big challenge for me as I had to port the whole engine from the PC. I worked on all the systems of the game: from the rendering to the audio, from the video to the scripting language. And I also had to learn the hardware and software which was still at a very early stage without much documentation in English or support from Sony.
My main achievements on this projects were the port of all the 2D system for characters into a 3D system with 3D animations, controls, rendering, etc... I implemented a Music Streaming Library when this did not exist yet on PlayStation. And I also developed a Custom Video Format for the console which was ahead of any other production at the time, in terms of visual quality.
I was very lucky to be part of this company where many very talented people were working at the time. There were only a handful of studios in France at the time and I believe Haiku was one of the top ones in terms of talents.
After this experience I was hooked.

Game Trailer: